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Celebrating Sigd in our CHW Projects

Hadassim 2

Sigd is an annual holiday in the Ethiopian community that commemorates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. As there are many Ethiopian Jews in Israel, this is a state holiday and celebrations take place throughout the country.

At CHW Netanya Technological High School and CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, we have many students from an Ethiopian background. Both schools held ceremonies in celebration of the holiday.

CHW Netanya and CHW Hadassim combined the musical and dancing festivities with teaching the students about the Ethiopian Aliyah to Israel and the significance of this holiday.

Many of the Ethiopian children who attend CHW’s projects are the first generation of Israeli-Ethiopians; their parents came through Operation Solomon.

Hadassim 1Netanya 1

At CHW Netanya and CHW Hadassim, these children are given the opportunities and tools to become empowered, confident, and productive in order to turn their dreams into reality.

Olive Season at CHW Hadassim

Olives 1

The students from the Agricultural Department at CHW Hadassim are always busy trying new things, whether experimenting with unique vegetation, promoting an environmentally friendly atmosphere in the community, or utilizing Hadassim’s groves!

This past week was no different! Last year, the students planted olive trees and cared for them throughout the duration of the year. As it is November, the optimal month for harvesting olives, the students embarked on picking the olives!

The students collected hundreds of perfectly ripened olives and bottled them; preparing them to be turned into olive oil, soap, or simply eaten!

Have a look at the photos of the students busy at work!

Olives 2Olives 4    Olives 5

Olives 3

Award Winning CHW Nahalal Student!

Liran Markin is a CHW Nahalal student who recently won a bronze medal at the International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI.) The annual prestigious science competition is comprised of 80 countries that send delegates to participate in Russia.


Liran is an integral part of the Israeli team which is comprised of four competitors, and have been trained by Dr. David Ginat from Tel Aviv University.

This was Liran’s second time attending the IOI and representing Israel. Moreover, this is Liran’s second bronze medal!

Liran shares, “Prior to travelling to the competition in Russia, we saw Yarden Gerbi’s win and Or Sasson’s win [in the Rio Olympics.] It was very exciting! I think that our team has the same sense of pride, despite the obvious difference in competitions – we all represent Israel.”

CHW wishes to congratulate Liran and the Israeli team for their excellent efforts and so positively representing Israel!

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Coping with Terror in Israel

For nearly one year, Israel has been facing a wave of terror. While we have seen the impact our hospitals, Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah, have had on saving lives of victims of terror; we must also understand how the children in our projects are affected.

At the onset of this current wave of terror, World WIZO decided it was critical for its projects to follow a set of guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. These rules included limiting outdoor activities, increasing security, the installation of security cameras, and support staff to assist children emotionally during this scary time.

World WIZO turned to the children, staff, and parents throughout their projects, including those supported by CHW, to see how they were dealing with the security threats as well as ongoing concern for everyone’s well being.

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More on the CHW Nahalal Graduation

It was only a few weeks ago that we shared with you our experience at the incredible graduation ceremony at CHW Nahalal Youth Village!

CHW was lucky to have Claudia Goldman, CHW National President, and Alina Ianson, CHW National Executive Director be in Israel to take-part in the ceremony!

Now, Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of World WIZO, has shared her impressions on the CHW Nahalal Youth Village graduation ceremony.

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