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Making Olives

Making Olives at CHW Hadassim

CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village is truly an incredible place. Here, children have a bounty of options to learn: in the fields of science, mathematics, art, agriculture, and so much more.Preparing 1

Recently, the children from the Agriculture Department participated in a three-month long experiment, in which each child was tasked with creating his or her own recipe to ferment fresh olives. The olives used for the experiment were home-grown by the students on the youth village.

At the conclusion of the three months, after the olives had gone through the process of fermentation and curing in each student’s unique concoction, a panel of judges participated in a taste testing and voted for the tastiest olive recipe.

The results are in: all of the students’ olives were delicious!Preparing 3

According to the head of the Agricultural Department, Haim Ziv, since olives are one of the key components in Israeli Mediterranean cuisine, and olive trees can be found across the country, choosing to highlight olives as part of the students’ agricultural study was a natural decision.

The students had an excellent time being creative and challenged. And, of course, the panel of judges certainly didn’t mind having to taste them all!

Coaching For Life

“Pursue Your Dreams” Coaching for Life at CHW Hadassim

CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village provides numerous programs for the children who live in the dormitories and family units. The youth village strives to ensure that each child’s needs are met. One such program, Coaching for Life, operates at CHW Hadassim in order to meet the needs of the Ethiopian children who reside there.

Coaching for Life is a mentorship program that pairs an Ethiopian child Group 3with an adult volunteer. The aim of the program is to provide children with a positive role model.
The program runs over the course of the year and includes interesting trips throughout Israel. Recently, the children from the program were taken on an exclusive tour to the elite air force base, Nevetim, in the Negev.

At Nevetim Airbase, the children met with soldiers from the Hercules Squadron, one of the most elite units in the IDF. This unit is responsible for military, civilian, and humanitarian aid both domestically and internationally.

This is an especially meaningful unit to the children’s heritage as it was the Hercules Squadron who carried out Operation Solomon; the mission that airlifted over 14,500 Ethiopian Jews to Israel over 20 years ago. These children were so moved to learn about their history. Many of them shared memories of their grandparents telling stories of that mission and how it saved their lives.Child 3

The aim of this excursion was to provide these children with an unforgettable experience that would inspire them to dream big. The children were encouraged to pursue their education and remain dedicated to their goals.

Two students shared their impressions from the visit. Shai, a grade 12 student, said, “I always dreamt of becoming a pilot but I never felt like I would succeed. This trip and meeting pilots who are like me, showed me that this is possible. This visit strengthened by will to become a pilot.” Esther, a grade 11 student, expressed, “This visit makes me want to follow my dreams. I know that no matter what I decide to do in life, I will succeed.”

These are such special and meaningful sentiments to hear from the children. It is clear that this trip had a tremendous impact on them!

Group 1

Raising Kind Children

Many of us can recall scenes and lines from the film “Mean Girls.” Perhaps there were scenes that made us laugh, scenes that made us angry, and scenes that brought up familiar memories of life in high school.

However, if there is any message to take away from the film, it is that bullying hurts and it must be confronted.

As many of our children have returned to school, we do not always know what is happening during their eight hours while out of our sight. We may ask ourselves: are they happy? Who are they sitting with at recess and lunch? Were they picked in gym class?


Our jobs are to do our best to raise children who are kind, inclusive, and considerate. We have tasked ourselves with this mission to ensure that when we send our children into the world, whether it is to school, camp, the workforce, and so on, we know that our children will be respectful citizens.

At CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, CHW Nahalal Youth Village, and CHW Netanya Technological High School, the teachers, house parents, and counselors are charged with overseeing hundreds of children and ensuring that each child is being well looked after. In fact, throughout the year, these children participate in various workshops that teach the importance of being kind to your peers, not succumbing to peer pressure, and stepping in when you see a harmful situation.

Raising kind children is not a simple task; this we can all agree on. Click here to read an article on how to raise inclusive girls instead of mean ones.

All You Need is a Hug

At both Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah Hospital, children are of the utmost importance. Sadly, many children who fall ill need to spend days, weeks, months, or longer at the hospitals. For this reason, both Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah do their best to create happy, child-friendly atmospheres.

Medical Clowns visit the children at Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah to help create a positive environment, distract them from their challenges, and ensure that the children are experiencing more ‘typical’ childhoods, in spite of spending part of their lives in the hospital.

During the holidays, the hospital arranges for special clowns and visitors. Recently, Winnie-the-Pooh made a special visit to the Pediatric Department at Hadassah Hospital and it made one little girl’s day!

This adorable moment, when this little girl just needed a hug from her friend Winnie, was caught on camera. Moments like these remind us why we do what we do.HadassahMedical Clowns 1


Parenting is no easy task, but the love that a parent shares for their child is unwavering. A new video clip released shows real parents talking about the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of being a parent.

CHW understands the challenges of being a parent, especially for new mothers and fathers. For this reason, we seek to provide numerous ways to assist families wherever possible.

Arel resizeThrough CHW’s daycares, parents receive support and assurance that their children are in safe and loving hands while simultaneously receiving an excellent education.
While caring for the children, our daycares reach out to the parents in order to offer them a sense of community within the daycare. Parents receive tools to assist them with their parenting needs. For example, parents receive lessons on how to deal with challenging behaviour in their child, how to provide nutritious meals on a budget, and so much more. Moreover, CHW’s daycares cater to families in need, assisting families who receive welfare support.

CHW’s devotion to parents in need does not stop at the end of the work day: CHW supports the WIZO Parental Hotline which provides a safe place for parents to turn to when in need. This free call centre aims to help parents with their parenting challenges at any hour of the day.

One thing is certain: CHW is there for you every step of the way. We value family and appreciate the love parents have for their children.