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All You Need is a Hug

At both Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah Hospital, children are of the utmost importance. Sadly, many children who fall ill need to spend days, weeks, months, or longer at the hospitals. For this reason, both Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah do their best to create happy, child-friendly atmospheres.

Medical Clowns visit the children at Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah to help create a positive environment, distract them from their challenges, and ensure that the children are experiencing more ‘typical’ childhoods, in spite of spending part of their lives in the hospital.

During the holidays, the hospital arranges for special clowns and visitors. Recently, Winnie-the-Pooh made a special visit to the Pediatric Department at Hadassah Hospital and it made one little girl’s day!

This adorable moment, when this little girl just needed a hug from her friend Winnie, was caught on camera. Moments like these remind us why we do what we do.HadassahMedical Clowns 1


Parenting is no easy task, but the love that a parent shares for their child is unwavering. A new video clip released shows real parents talking about the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of being a parent.

CHW understands the challenges of being a parent, especially for new mothers and fathers. For this reason, we seek to provide numerous ways to assist families wherever possible.

Arel resizeThrough CHW’s daycares, parents receive support and assurance that their children are in safe and loving hands while simultaneously receiving an excellent education.
While caring for the children, our daycares reach out to the parents in order to offer them a sense of community within the daycare. Parents receive tools to assist them with their parenting needs. For example, parents receive lessons on how to deal with challenging behaviour in their child, how to provide nutritious meals on a budget, and so much more. Moreover, CHW’s daycares cater to families in need, assisting families who receive welfare support.

CHW’s devotion to parents in need does not stop at the end of the work day: CHW supports the WIZO Parental Hotline which provides a safe place for parents to turn to when in need. This free call centre aims to help parents with their parenting challenges at any hour of the day.

One thing is certain: CHW is there for you every step of the way. We value family and appreciate the love parents have for their children.

The Power of Touch

Ensuring children receive love and care is an undertaking that CHW is proud to be a part of.

There is so much that we know about childhood development, and yet, there continues to be a great deal that requires more research and understanding. One area that is critical to a child’s well-being and growth is the relationships that they develop from an early age with their primary caregivers, which are often their mothers.

This important connection was recently illustrated in a powerful video where children were tasked with guessing who their mothers were solely based on touch. The results were remarkable and extremely moving: both for the mothers and the audience. What was demonstrated was the strong bond that a child creates with his or her mother.vidscreenshot

CHW provides this level of care through many of our projects; from our six daycare centres throughout Israel, to our two youth villages, CHW Hadassim and Nahalal, which take in at-risk youth, or through CHW Netanya Technological High School, which caters to children who face overwhelming difficulties and struggles in their day-to-day livse.

There is so much to take away from this video. One critical message is that love is not communicated in a singular language: it is something that we all feel and need for our survival.


CHW Netanya Technological High School is there for children in need of a supportive learning environment; taking in children from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds and gives them hope for a brighter future.

Through CHW’s support and the support from our generous donors, we make a continuous difference in the lives of children at CHW Netanya. This story is about a student named Matan.

Matan was a student who never wanted to go to school; he felt that no one understood him and his struggle to learn. After being kicked out of another school, Matan’s mother approached CHW Netanya Technological High School for help.

Matan was –and is– a perfect fit for CHW Netanya. Immediately upon his enrollment, everything began to change for Matan: he attended all his classes, he participated, and he started make friends.matancrop

Very quickly, Matan went from an unhappy boy with little ambition to one who was always smiling and dreaming of one day owning his own bakery.

As a student from the Patisserie Program, Matan has worked on perfecting his skills and techniques. At a recent event at CHW Netanya, Matan, along with his peers, were tasked with showing off what they had learned over the course of the semester. Seen at the event was Matan’s mother, who proudly boasted and gushed about her son, meanwhile expressing her gratitude toward CHW.

Matan’s story is one of many. Daily, CHW is touching the lives of children in need. With our continued support, we can ensure that children like Matan are given a second chance at a promising future.


Vicky Badash is a graduate from CHW Netanya Technological High School’s Hairdressing Stream.Student 2 resize

Vicky grew up in a difficult home with minimal support from his family. When he arrived at CHW Netanya, he was very discouraged and lacked confidence. However, Vicky’s teachers refused to give up on him, spending time with him every day to help rebuild his self-esteem and put him back on the path to success.

Over time and with perseverance, Vicky regained a better sense of self-worth, pushing himself to succeed both academically and personally; this led to Vicky becoming one of the top hairdressers in Israel! As a matter of fact, Vicky has started his own chain of hair salons.

At the beginning of 2015, L’Oreal hosted an event andinvited prestigious hairdressers in Israel to take part; Vicky was among those selected. L’Oreal honoured Vicky and his achievements by awarding him with a certificate of excellence in customer loyalty.

As if his year was not busy enough, Vicky recently married his long-time girlfriend. Those in attendance included Vicky’s teachers, whom he thanked for helping him get to where he is today.

Vicky’s story is an example of how hard work and a proper support system are two important parts of fulfilling your dreams.