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CHW Netanya Technological High School is there for children in need of a supportive learning environment; taking in children from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds and gives them hope for a brighter future.

Through CHW’s support and the support from our generous donors, we make a continuous difference in the lives of children at CHW Netanya. This story is about a student named Matan.

Matan was a student who never wanted to go to school; he felt that no one understood him and his struggle to learn. After being kicked out of another school, Matan’s mother approached CHW Netanya Technological High School for help.

Matan was –and is– a perfect fit for CHW Netanya. Immediately upon his enrollment, everything began to change for Matan: he attended all his classes, he participated, and he started make friends.matancrop

Very quickly, Matan went from an unhappy boy with little ambition to one who was always smiling and dreaming of one day owning his own bakery.

As a student from the Patisserie Program, Matan has worked on perfecting his skills and techniques. At a recent event at CHW Netanya, Matan, along with his peers, were tasked with showing off what they had learned over the course of the semester. Seen at the event was Matan’s mother, who proudly boasted and gushed about her son, meanwhile expressing her gratitude toward CHW.

Matan’s story is one of many. Daily, CHW is touching the lives of children in need. With our continued support, we can ensure that children like Matan are given a second chance at a promising future.


Vicky Badash is a graduate from CHW Netanya Technological High School’s Hairdressing Stream.Student 2 resize

Vicky grew up in a difficult home with minimal support from his family. When he arrived at CHW Netanya, he was very discouraged and lacked confidence. However, Vicky’s teachers refused to give up on him, spending time with him every day to help rebuild his self-esteem and put him back on the path to success.

Over time and with perseverance, Vicky regained a better sense of self-worth, pushing himself to succeed both academically and personally; this led to Vicky becoming one of the top hairdressers in Israel! As a matter of fact, Vicky has started his own chain of hair salons.

At the beginning of 2015, L’Oreal hosted an event andinvited prestigious hairdressers in Israel to take part; Vicky was among those selected. L’Oreal honoured Vicky and his achievements by awarding him with a certificate of excellence in customer loyalty.

As if his year was not busy enough, Vicky recently married his long-time girlfriend. Those in attendance included Vicky’s teachers, whom he thanked for helping him get to where he is today.

Vicky’s story is an example of how hard work and a proper support system are two important parts of fulfilling your dreams.


This year, CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village opened the first French speaking Na’aleh Program in Israel. This program receives children from French speaking countries including France, Morocco, Algeria, and Switzerland.

ArrivalCurrently, CHW Hadassim is home to 25 children who have come to Israel to participate in this life-changing program. The majority of these children, aged fourteen, have left their homes and families in order to live and study in Israel. CHW Hadassim provides these children with a warm home and safe environment.

The incredible work being done at the CHW Hadassim French Na’aleh Program has caught the attention of many people in Israel, including the media. Recently, a local newspaper from the city of Netanya wrote a prominent article recognizing CHW Hadassim’s excellent efforts to establish this program as well as including interviews with some of the Na’aleh children.

The journalist, Tzipi Kapal, interviewed Na’aleh students about their decision to leave their homes and come to Israel, and how they are feeling now that they are in CHW Hadassim.

All of the children shared that they experienced at least one act of anti-Semitism against them in their respective countries. In fact, the French Na’aleh Program was established as a direct result of the increasing anti-Semitism found in Europe. In response to this sad reality, CHW Hadassim, with the support of the Jewish Agency, Youth Aliyah, and the Ministry of Education, established this program.Students (2)

Eli, one of the children from the Na’aleh Program, shared that he recalls playing at recess and having other children approach him, shoving him as they called him derogatory names. He shared that the teachers watched but did not step in to protect him. It was at that moment that he, along with his parents, made the decision to send him to Israel.

Rafael, another Na’aleh student, shared that despite being in Israel during the last war, he feels safer in Israel during missile attacks than walking down a street in Paris.

All of the children agreed that while this has been a very big and challenging adjustment, they would not choose to return to their respective homes. They love the friends that they have made thus far and look forward to making more. They say that they feel loved and well looked after at CHW Hadassim.

CHW expects to have double the number of students for the French Na’aleh program for the upcoming school year. Please support us by clicking here to donate, allowing us to build more classrooms and provide a safe learning environment for Jewish French teenagers from around the world.

Learning by Doing

CHW is dedicated to ensuring that children have access to facilities and tools that will give them the care they need; and a chance at a bright future.

CHW prides itself on the specialized attention that is provided to children in CHW’s six daycare centres across Israel.

In CHW’s daycares, early childhood development is a primary focus. Through early childhood development, children learn and master critical skills such as learning to crawl, walk, and talk. Each child has their own personal strengths and weaknesses, and the caretakers in the daycares understand the importance of catering to each child’s needs.Children

Recently, a video was released by the Khaleej Times, an international media outlet, that exemplifies the positive impact of allowing children to learn by doing tasks themselves. The message is that it is critical to support your children while encouraging them to discover the world for themselves.

Programs at CHW’s daycares, such as the WIZ Kids computer program, enable children to experience independent hands-on learning, furthering their growth.

CHW supports children’s learning and development in order to ensure healthy growth that will instill the children with confidence, personal motivation, and independence!

Weekly Story: Arthur

Arthur is a graduate of CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village. However, his permanent home is still the Youth Village. Arthur resides in a dormitory dedicated for graduates, because CHW Hadassim is Arthur’s only home; it is the place he comes to when in need.


Arthur came to CHW Hadassim when he was only fourteen years old. Neither of his parents were able to provide adequate care for young Arthur, and he was in desperate need of a warm and supportive environment – this is where CHW Hadassim played a critical role.

When Arthur arrived at the youth village, he was very timid and unhappy: an unfortunate victim of neglect. After a lot of time, dedication, and patience, Arthur began to open up and grew into a happier and more confident child.

Arthur not only matured into a bright and talented young man; but he excelled. He graduated with the highest examination level in commerce and was the captain of the CHW Hadassim basketball team. Arthur has also studied capoeira, Brazilian martial arts, over the course of his time at Hadassim.

Today, Arthur is 20 years old and is serving in the IDF. When Arthur has time off from the army, he returns to CHW Hadassim to live and volunteers helping other children who are currently living in the dormitories.

When speaking about CHW Hadassim, Arthur says,

“This is my one true home, it took me in when I was in need and made me into the person I am today. Thank you CHW Hadassim.”