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Celebrating Sigd in our CHW Projects

Hadassim 2

Sigd is an annual holiday in the Ethiopian community that commemorates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. As there are many Ethiopian Jews in Israel, this is a state holiday and celebrations take place throughout the country.

At CHW Netanya Technological High School and CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, we have many students from an Ethiopian background. Both schools held ceremonies in celebration of the holiday.

CHW Netanya and CHW Hadassim combined the musical and dancing festivities with teaching the students about the Ethiopian Aliyah to Israel and the significance of this holiday.

Many of the Ethiopian children who attend CHW’s projects are the first generation of Israeli-Ethiopians; their parents came through Operation Solomon.

Hadassim 1Netanya 1

At CHW Netanya and CHW Hadassim, these children are given the opportunities and tools to become empowered, confident, and productive in order to turn their dreams into reality.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Tomorrow, November 25th, marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

It is paramount that we, on a global level, seek to prevent and end violence against girls and women.

CHW, together with World WIZO, has been a dedicated advocate to combat violence against women and promote women’s rights. CHW provides opportunities to women and children to have a way out of the cycle of violence. Through CHW supported shelters and helplines, women and children have a safe place to turn when in need; giving them a second chance at life.

This year, WIZO has embarked on a campaign in light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and created a powerful video that critically illustrates the steps takes following an act of domestic violence.

Make this year be the year that we bring about real change.

Empower Young Women!

This video of a young girl is so powerful and impactful! She perfectly summarizes the realities of gender inequality that we are still facing in 2016.

After watching this short video, you will quickly realize the importance of promoting women’s rights, advocating for the advancement of women, and raising awareness on these pertinent issues!

CHW has proudly been leading the way for nearly 100 years, and continues to do so through supporting critical programs, including shelters for women escaping domestic violence, educational programs to promote women in the workplace, and valuable programs for young girls in our youth villages.

To learn more about CHW and the work we do for women, click here.

Olive Season at CHW Hadassim

Olives 1

The students from the Agricultural Department at CHW Hadassim are always busy trying new things, whether experimenting with unique vegetation, promoting an environmentally friendly atmosphere in the community, or utilizing Hadassim’s groves!

This past week was no different! Last year, the students planted olive trees and cared for them throughout the duration of the year. As it is November, the optimal month for harvesting olives, the students embarked on picking the olives!

The students collected hundreds of perfectly ripened olives and bottled them; preparing them to be turned into olive oil, soap, or simply eaten!

Have a look at the photos of the students busy at work!

Olives 2Olives 4    Olives 5

Olives 3

Israel’s Wonder Women

We love seeing things like this; Israeli women being recognized for their outstanding achievements and breaking barriers!

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) has persevered for nearly 100 years, advocating for women’s rights, their personal safety, health, and child care needs.

CHW has inserted itself, through various avenues, into all aspects of women’s lives. We provide access to crisis and parental hotlines for women in need. We support shelters for women and children escaping domestic violence. We support educational programs to promote the advancement of women in the workforce. And, we continue to persist in carrying out this critical work.

Join us in continuing to support women both in Canada and Israel.