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More on the CHW Nahalal Graduation

It was only a few weeks ago that we shared with you our experience at the incredible graduation ceremony at CHW Nahalal Youth Village!

CHW was lucky to have Claudia Goldman, CHW National President, and Alina Ianson, CHW National Executive Director be in Israel to take-part in the ceremony!

Now, Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of World WIZO, has shared her impressions on the CHW Nahalal Youth Village graduation ceremony.

Click here to read all about it through her eyes!

A Moving Final Assignment

Noa RivkinWe would like for you to meet Noa, a student from CHW Nahalal Youth Village. Noa is a bright and creative young woman who loves art.

Noa knows that as the next generation, it is her responsibly to play a critical role in the future of the State of Israel.

For Noa’s final art project this year, she decided to create a piece of artwork that depicts the current situation in Israel. Therefore, Noa drew the scenery from the Jezreel Valley, part of the landscape of Israel and the area where Nahalal is situated, on a metal knife. The result: an extremely poignant piece of work.


Noa’s explanation for this piece of art is very moving. She explains, “The country, with its diverse and beautiful sceneries, all beauty and glorious, yet, a torn country, where the fight over land consumes every beautiful pasture and every hope for a peaceful life within it.” Noa continues by explaining, “The pastoral scenes express optimism and tranquility. However, the scenery on the knife expresses a sense of fear, danger, and discomfort.”

Work 1Work 2

We look forward to seeing what is in store for Noa’s promising future; both as an artist and a leader!

The United State of Women

This story is not only inspirational, but accurate – The United State of Women!

This is a campaign that CHW can get behind; the promotion of women and girls’ rights. The United State of Women Summit will be convened at the White House, and marks an important move forward in the advancement of gender equality issues and the empowerment of women.

This video will get you talking and inspired to get on board, if you aren’t already.

The topics being addressed in this video at the Summit are in sync with the efforts that CHW has undertaken, and continue to undertake over the last 100 years. Our goal has been to make an impact on the lives of women and girls, both today and in the future.

How is CHW making an impact?

1. Through fighting violence against women.
The reality is that globally, 1 out of 3 women are subjected to violence from a partner in their lifetime. CHW supports women’s shelters to protect these women and their children; preparing them for life outside of the shelter as confident and independent women.

2. Through empowering young girls-at-risk.
In CHW Youth Villages: Hadassim and Nahalal, we empower young girls through equipping them with tools to be confident, proactive, and impactful leaders for the next generation.

3. Through providing educational opportunities for women.
CHW is a proud supporter of such programs like The Unlimited Potential Program (UPP) that encourages women to pursue a higher education through obtaining a vocational degree. Women are taught practical skills for the workplace and given the support in finding a job; this ensures their financial stability and independence.

CHW is proud of the role that it plays in promoting gender equality, the advancement of women in society, and ensuring that women know their rights.

The Circle of Life

Amin ShabanIt was only a few short months ago that there was a terror attack in Tel Aviv. This shocking and devastating event took the lives of three people, two of whom were shot at a bar, and a taxi driver who was killed when the terrorist fled.

This week, the widow of Amin Shaban, the taxi driver, arrived to Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, where she gave birth to their son. This beautiful baby boy was born healthy, weighing just under 7 pounds.

FamilyAmin’s widow, Heba Jabhat, shared that for her, “Life must go on. I have two babies at home and we cannot surrender to terrorism. It is with joy and sadness that we welcome this new baby into our lives; but I am certain that Amin would want me to raise his two children with only happiness in their lives. I feel that Amin is watching me from above.”

Heba further expressed her gratitude to Assaf Harofeh for the care and support that she received both throughout her pregnancy and during her delivery. She said, “The medical team at Assaf Harofeh was extraordinary; they stayed with me the entire time, and cared for me exceptionally.”

Mother and Baby

The loss of one life is also the welcoming of a new life. CHW congratulates Heba and her family on the birth of their bundle of joy and wish them only the best! CHW is proud to support Assaf Harofeh and the remarkable work it does!








  1. Amin Shaban
  2. Heba with her two children
  3. Heba with her new baby and a nurse at Assaf Harofeh


How to get a guy in the 1800’s

CHW would like to share this video, brought to us by Vanity Fair. It features actress Kate Beckinsale reading Victorian dating advice.

The dating advice you hear illustrates the immense strides that we have made from the 19th century to today. While women today enjoy many more personal and social freedoms, the reality is that they continue to face many barriers in our society.

Today, we see ongoing dialogue in the media relating to unequal pay in the workplace, sexual harassment, discrimination, and the list goes on.

For these reasons, CHW has been a leader in advocating for women’s rights and advancing the position of women in society. CHW aims to touch the lives of women who are living with domestic violence, single mothers, girls-at-risk, and women from all echelons of society in need of support and empowerment.

CHW’s support has touched many lives; one such woman is Gili. Gili was in an abusive marriage and fled to a WIZO Shelter with her son. The shelter supported Gili and her little boy. After a few months, once Gili became more stable, the counselors at the shelter encouraged Gili to enroll in the Unlimited Potential Program (UPP.) This program helped Gili learn the pertinent skills to find work after leaving the shelter; enabling her to support her family independently. Gili shares, “I used to not sleep at night worrying about how I will feed my son. But I no longer have these concerns. I sleep soundly knowing that I am providing for my family. This program saved my life and my son’s life.”

To learn more about UPP and the incredible work being done by CHW, visit: