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The National Recognition of CHW’s Female Graduates

CHW is proud to announce the awarding of the Annual National Award Honouring Exemplary Military Service to two female graduates from CHW Nahalal Youth Village.

In celebration of Israel’s Independence Day, Yom Ha’atzmaut, President Rivlin hosted a ceremony where he presented 120 soldiers with the coveted award to recognize them for outstanding service and exceptional contributions in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Of those honoured, there were two female graduates from CHW Nahalal: Corporal Yuval Shitrit and Corporal Dekel Eitan.

A little about the recipients:

Yuval 1Yuval is a remarkable 21 year old woman. Born with muscular dystrophy, she refused to allow this to deter her from living an ‘ordinary’ life. Yuval was so determined that she even was able to participate in the March of the Living trip to Poland with her classmates. Due to Yuval’s medical condition, she was exempt from the army. However, Yuval volunteered to join the Israel Air Force. Yuval shares her reaction when she learned about being selected to receive the award, “It was a surprise. I’m a perfectionist, but never in my life did I imagine that I’d receive a presidential merit certificate. I feel like the sky is the limit.”

Netanyahu and Yuval

Dekel is an incredible basketball player, and has played for the CHW Nahalal basketball team. In grade 11, Dekel was asked to join the Israeli National Women’s Youth Basketball Team, where she participated in international tournaments. After graduation, Dekel enlisted in the artillery brigade.

GroupDavid Horesh, Director of CHW Nahalal proudly shares his impressions of both Yuval and Dekel, “Yuval is a symbol of determination… her presence is inspiring for everyone who comes in contact with her. Yuval is known for her excellence, humility, maturity, and willpower. Dekel is a quiet and humble young woman who always knew what she wanted. She spared no effort to be both an outstanding student and basketball player.”


David continues, “I congratulate Yuval and Dekel, their families, and all of the staff who guided them. These young women should make all of Israel as proud as they made me and everyone at CHW Nahalal.” CHW joins David in congratulating these remarkable young women!

President Rivlin

It is the result of CHW’s generous donors and members who have helped support promising youth, such as Yuval and Dekel, in order to make their dreams a reality. We look forward to learning about the wonderful things that they will accomplish in their bright futures!

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Photo 1: Yuval Shitrit
Photo 2: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu meet with the 120 outstanding IDF soldiers (Photo by: Kobi Gideon, GPO) 
Photo 3: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, and top IDF generals, with 120 distinguished soldiers at an Independence Day ceremony at the President’s Residence, May 12, 2016 (Photo by: ToI staff) 
Photo 4: President Reuven Rivlin meets the IDF soldiers awarded for their service on Independence Day, May 12, 2016 (Photo by: President spokesman’s office)


There are so many inspirational women in the world, yet Ida Keeling may be ‘winning the race’ at the moment. She is 100 years old and going strong!

Ida does not let her age stop her from doing what she loves, which is running. She is currently the national champion in the 60 meter dash for the age group 95-99. Ida has been a strong and determined woman for her entire life; doing rigorous jobs as a single mother to provide for her children.

Ida is a positive role model, and CHW loves her story! Like Ida’s perseverance, CHW supports women who are struggling as single mothers working towards bettering both their lives, and the lives of their children.

CHW is a leader in advocating for women’s rights, and stands for the advancement of women in all aspects of society; aiming our efforts towards helping women living with domestic violence, single mothers, girls-at-risk, and empowering women to become leaders.

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Hadassah Saving Victims of Terror

It was only a few short days ago that a bomb went off on a bus in Jerusalem, sending 21 people to the hospital.

Photo 1Of the 21 people injured in the attack, 8 were rushed to Hadassah Hospital, where they received the best medical care possible to save their lives.

Those brought to Hadassah included a young woman in her 20’s in serious condition, and a 25 year old man in moderate condition. Professor Avraham Rivkind, Head of the Shock Unit at Hadassah Hospital, was on the scene to use his extensive experience to save these people’s lives.

Rachel Dadon and her daughter were next to the bus when it exploded and as a result, were injured in the attacks. Rachel shares, “I looked for my daughter and found her all burned.” Rachel’s daughter Eden, who is only 15 years old, is now on a respirator and on the slow path to recovery.

Rachel Dadon

Yesterday, as the victims were recovering, Yaakov Litzman, the Health Minister of Israel paid a special visit to the victims.

CHW is proud to support Hadassah Hospital and provide the needed care in order to help these innocent victims regain their health!

Women Are Not Objects

In 2016, the reality is that women continue to be objectified and valued based on their appearance. This has a direct impact on our culture, society, and the young girls who are the next generation of leaders and our hope for a brighter future.

However, after watching this two and a half minute video, it will become apparent that there remains a lot of work to remedy the objectification of women. This video may be challenging to watch (WARNING: this video contains some explicit language and images;) yet this is readily available to young girls in today’s world of the internet and social media.

For the points made so pointedly in this video, CHW supports critical programs in its projects to help combat the objectification of women.

In CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village, we are proud to support an Empowerment Program for Girls-at-Risk. This program instills young teenaged girls with the confidence to be who they are and pursue their dreams. As well, CHW supports the operating of programs for single mothers and women who have escaped violent homes; empowering these women to lead independent and stable lives.

Help Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) combat the objectification of our girls by supporting our Annual Campaign: Giving Hope, Creating Opportunities.

Hadassah Hospital Never Gives Up

Baby Vassilios, a newborn from Cyprus, was born with a serious heart defect that left doctors believing he would not survive.

When Gabriella Taufeno’s was pregnant, during a routine ultrasound, the doctors discovered that her unborn baby had a heart defect called “transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum.” This meant that the two main arteries to baby Vassilios’ heart were reversed, and as a result, were causing the blood flow to circulate differently than a healthy person’s heart. This is a severe condition, with very low chances of survival.

When Vassilios was born in Cyprus, the physicians attempted to insert a shunt into the delicate baby’s heart. Unfortunately, the procedure was not successful, and both the doctors and parents were beginning to lose hope. This is when the medical team at Hadassah Hospital was brought onto the case.


In the words of Dr. Ira Erlichman, pediatric intensive care physician, “I called Prof. Eldad Erez, the pediatric cardiac surgeon, he said the chances of success were very low, but our Prof. Erez is daring and brilliant and he agreed to take baby Vassilios.”

Together, Dr. Erlichman and Dr. Yulius Golander, the senior pediatric cardiologist at Hadassah, flew to Cyprus to retrieve Vassilios. This was a dangerous journey, the doctors explained, as the infant, being in such a dire medical situation, needed to survive the flight and drive to Hadassah Hospital.

However, baby Vassilios is a fighter, and upon arrival to Hadassah, he was rushed into the operating room. The surgery was a success, and after only 10 days following the invasive procedure, Vassilios’s parents were able to return home to Cyprus with their healthy little boy.

Vassilios’s Dad expressed his gratitude to Hadassah Hospital and Israel saying, “Thank you very much Israel and thank you Hadassah.”


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