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Israel’s Wonder Women

We love seeing things like this; Israeli women being recognized for their outstanding achievements and breaking barriers!

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) has persevered for nearly 100 years, advocating for women’s rights, their personal safety, health, and child care needs.

CHW has inserted itself, through various avenues, into all aspects of women’s lives. We provide access to crisis and parental hotlines for women in need. We support shelters for women and children escaping domestic violence. We support educational programs to promote the advancement of women in the workforce. And, we continue to persist in carrying out this critical work.

Join us in continuing to support women both in Canada and Israel.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is still going strong! At CHW, we value the importance of healthcare and promoting women’s health.

Through our affiliations with Assaf Harofeh Medical Center and Hadassah Hospital, we support critical research, patient treatment, and facilities to make a difference in thousands of women’s lives as well as the lives of their families.

At Assaf Harofeh, CHW proudly founded the M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Care Unit, which ensures that women receive same-day test results for breast examinations in order to provide them with peace of mind and quick treatment if needed. At Hadassah, we support ongoing research and facilities to provide necessary treatment to those in need.

We love Hadassah’s approach to a shining light on Breast Cancer Awareness Month through members sharing their personal messages on breast cancer! Watch their video now!


Hadassah Hospital Helping Russian Children with Rare Disease

CHW’s mission is to passionately support programs and services for children, healthcare, and women both in Israel and Canada. One way that CHW fulfills its mission is through supporting Hadassah Hospital.

Most recently, Hadassah Hospital’s Paediatric Hematology Department undertook treating children from Northern Russia who have a rare and fatal disease called Marble Bone Disease, commonly known as Osteopetrosis.

The doctors in Russia were unable to offer treatment to these children, and knew that this would lead to a very painful death. One such little boy, named Kirill, was told that he would eventually lose his eyesight and hearing. His grandmother, Svetlana Izozsimova refused to believe that there was no helping her grandson and searched online for medical centres who could help.

Svetlana discovered that Hadassah was treating Arab children from Hebron who had been diagnosed with Osteopetrosis as well. Svetlana contacted Dr. Polina Stepensky from Hadassah Hospital’s Pediatric Hematology Department asking for help.

Kirill arrived to Hadassah and underwent a bone marrow transplant. Since this time, he has been slowly getting better!

In Russia, one out of every 4,000 children are born with this genetic mutation. As families in Russia began to hear about he positive treatment Kirill received, they decided to bring their children to Hadassah in the hopes of saving their lives.

14 Russian children have been treated thus far; preventing the loss of eyesight and hearing while providing them with the opportunity to live a healthy life!

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Award Winning CHW Nahalal Student!

Liran Markin is a CHW Nahalal student who recently won a bronze medal at the International Olympiad for Informatics (IOI.) The annual prestigious science competition is comprised of 80 countries that send delegates to participate in Russia.


Liran is an integral part of the Israeli team which is comprised of four competitors, and have been trained by Dr. David Ginat from Tel Aviv University.

This was Liran’s second time attending the IOI and representing Israel. Moreover, this is Liran’s second bronze medal!

Liran shares, “Prior to travelling to the competition in Russia, we saw Yarden Gerbi’s win and Or Sasson’s win [in the Rio Olympics.] It was very exciting! I think that our team has the same sense of pride, despite the obvious difference in competitions – we all represent Israel.”

CHW wishes to congratulate Liran and the Israeli team for their excellent efforts and so positively representing Israel!

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Coping with Terror in Israel

For nearly one year, Israel has been facing a wave of terror. While we have seen the impact our hospitals, Assaf Harofeh and Hadassah, have had on saving lives of victims of terror; we must also understand how the children in our projects are affected.

At the onset of this current wave of terror, World WIZO decided it was critical for its projects to follow a set of guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. These rules included limiting outdoor activities, increasing security, the installation of security cameras, and support staff to assist children emotionally during this scary time.

World WIZO turned to the children, staff, and parents throughout their projects, including those supported by CHW, to see how they were dealing with the security threats as well as ongoing concern for everyone’s well being.

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