CHW Weekly Stories

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW)

Weekly Story: Arthur

Arthur is a graduate of CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village. However, his permanent home is still the Youth Village. Arthur resides in a dormitory dedicated for graduates, because CHW Hadassim is Arthur’s only home; it is the place he comes to when in need.


Arthur came to CHW Hadassim when he was only fourteen years old. Neither of his parents were able to provide adequate care for young Arthur, and he was in desperate need of a warm and supportive environment – this is where CHW Hadassim played a critical role.

When Arthur arrived at the youth village, he was very timid and unhappy: an unfortunate victim of neglect. After a lot of time, dedication, and patience, Arthur began to open up and grew into a happier and more confident child.

Arthur not only matured into a bright and talented young man; but he excelled. He graduated with the highest examination level in commerce and was the captain of the CHW Hadassim basketball team. Arthur has also studied capoeira, Brazilian martial arts, over the course of his time at Hadassim.

Today, Arthur is 20 years old and is serving in the IDF. When Arthur has time off from the army, he returns to CHW Hadassim to live and volunteers helping other children who are currently living in the dormitories.

When speaking about CHW Hadassim, Arthur says,

“This is my one true home, it took me in when I was in need and made me into the person I am today. Thank you CHW Hadassim.”