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Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW)

Learning by Doing

CHW is dedicated to ensuring that children have access to facilities and tools that will give them the care they need; and a chance at a bright future.

CHW prides itself on the specialized attention that is provided to children in CHW’s six daycare centres across Israel.

In CHW’s daycares, early childhood development is a primary focus. Through early childhood development, children learn and master critical skills such as learning to crawl, walk, and talk. Each child has their own personal strengths and weaknesses, and the caretakers in the daycares understand the importance of catering to each child’s needs.Children

Recently, a video was released by the Khaleej Times, an international media outlet, that exemplifies the positive impact of allowing children to learn by doing tasks themselves. The message is that it is critical to support your children while encouraging them to discover the world for themselves.

Programs at CHW’s daycares, such as the WIZ Kids computer program, enable children to experience independent hands-on learning, furthering their growth.

CHW supports children’s learning and development in order to ensure healthy growth that will instill the children with confidence, personal motivation, and independence!