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#ThisGirlCan is an incredible health campaign targeted at women that is making waves internationally.

The program, initiated by Sport England, was created in the United Kingdom upon realization that due to out-of-date health trends, fewer women are active in the world of sports and fitness.

Hadassim - Karate

What are the aims of this campaign? Its purpose is to support women of all ages, size, and physical abilities to encourage a healthy body image and self-confidence. Moreover, the movement subverts the ideals promoted by contemporary media that women should adhere to certain body types, instead promoting realistic body images and expectations.

Like the efforts in this campaign, CHW’s youth villages – Hadassim and Nahalal – foster similar values in their students.

Both Hadassim and Nahalal not only offer supportive environments for the young women to build a strong sense of themselves, both youth villages offer a diverse selection of sports activities that encourage female involvement.

Hadassim - SportsHadassim has an incredible women’s basketball team and karate program. At Nahalal, there are countless outdoor activities available to the girls such as rock climbing and ropes courses. Both Hadassim and Nahalal focus on encouraging the girls to take part in the same sports activities as boys and that they are all equally capable.

CHW’s youth villages are making their own waves and impact on their girls with CHW’s unwavering support!