CHW Weekly Stories

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW)


CHW Netanya Technological High School is there for children in need of a supportive learning environment; taking in children from the lowest socio-economic backgrounds and gives them hope for a brighter future.

Through CHW’s support and the support from our generous donors, we make a continuous difference in the lives of children at CHW Netanya. This story is about a student named Matan.

Matan was a student who never wanted to go to school; he felt that no one understood him and his struggle to learn. After being kicked out of another school, Matan’s mother approached CHW Netanya Technological High School for help.

Matan was –and is– a perfect fit for CHW Netanya. Immediately upon his enrollment, everything began to change for Matan: he attended all his classes, he participated, and he started make friends.matancrop

Very quickly, Matan went from an unhappy boy with little ambition to one who was always smiling and dreaming of one day owning his own bakery.

As a student from the Patisserie Program, Matan has worked on perfecting his skills and techniques. At a recent event at CHW Netanya, Matan, along with his peers, were tasked with showing off what they had learned over the course of the semester. Seen at the event was Matan’s mother, who proudly boasted and gushed about her son, meanwhile expressing her gratitude toward CHW.

Matan’s story is one of many. Daily, CHW is touching the lives of children in need. With our continued support, we can ensure that children like Matan are given a second chance at a promising future.