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Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW)

Leadership and Women

CHW, in conjunction with World WIZO, supports various programs that aim to advance of the status of women in society. Programs of this nature have a tremendous impact on the lives of the women who participate in them.

One program in particular is the Women’s Leadership Course, which focuses on instilling leadership skills, strengthening gender awareness, imparting practial tools, and introducing women to female trailblazers as a means of inspiring them to embark on their own social initiatives.Ethiopian Women

Marisa is a graduate of the Women’s Leadeship Course who, through the skills gained in the program, was able to spearhead a project that is making waves across Israel.

Marisa always wanted to make a positive contribution to society and help women in need. Working as a doula, Marisa discovered that many women who came from small villages or African countries were ill-prepared for childbirth.

Marisa wanted to reach out to help these communities, however, she did not know how to do so. Marisa learned about the Women’s Leadership Course and decided to enroll in order to gain the tools and guidance that she felt were lacking.

The skills that Marisa gained in this program gave her the confidence and abilities to begin a pregnancy coaching program that specifically assisted new Ethiopian immigrants in the preparation and birthing process.
Ethiopian WorkshopMarisa shared her sentiments that, “a good birth is a good both for the mother and the baby. My goal is to empower these women.” Through Marisa’s initiative, she has helped many women become informed and feel at ease during this overwhelming time of their lives.

The Women’s Leadership Course not only impacts women like Marisa, but it also creates a ripple effect of change.