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Making Olives

Making Olives at CHW Hadassim

CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village is truly an incredible place. Here, children have a bounty of options to learn: in the fields of science, mathematics, art, agriculture, and so much more.Preparing 1

Recently, the children from the Agriculture Department participated in a three-month long experiment, in which each child was tasked with creating his or her own recipe to ferment fresh olives. The olives used for the experiment were home-grown by the students on the youth village.

At the conclusion of the three months, after the olives had gone through the process of fermentation and curing in each student’s unique concoction, a panel of judges participated in a taste testing and voted for the tastiest olive recipe.

The results are in: all of the students’ olives were delicious!Preparing 3

According to the head of the Agricultural Department, Haim Ziv, since olives are one of the key components in Israeli Mediterranean cuisine, and olive trees can be found across the country, choosing to highlight olives as part of the students’ agricultural study was a natural decision.

The students had an excellent time being creative and challenged. And, of course, the panel of judges certainly didn’t mind having to taste them all!