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CHW Hadassim Exploring Space!

The students at CHW Hadassim have been reaching for the stars and winning awards!

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CHW Hadassim offers a Space Program for students interested in learning about science and outer space. The students study astronomy, the evolution of stars, satellites, the storage of information in space, and so much more!

Recently, the students participated in the annual Ilan Ramon Space Olympics Competition, hosted by the Weizmann Institute. Over 400 classes competed, and only 15 of them could move on to the finals. Not only did the students from CHW Hadassim make it to the finals, they won 2nd place! The CHW Hadassim students invented a special telescope that can be used in classrooms. The team included 38 students from Grades 8 and 9. Their teamwork allowed them to be one of the top schools in the competition!

This Space Olympic Competition is a demanding program that requires creativity, problem solving, and teamwork. Students must also apply all of the technical skills and scientific information that they learned in school.

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Congratulations to CHW Hadassim’s students, and we look forward to seeing what they have in store next!