CHW Weekly Stories

Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW)

Providing a Safe Space for Women and Children in Need

“When I left the shelter, I was stronger and more independent than ever. WIZO took me out of the darkness that was my life.”

This sentiment was expressed by Ranit, a young woman who came to a WIZO shelter in desperate need of refuge. She was married at the tender age of 21, due to pressure from her family. Soon after, Ranit became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. However, shortly after giving birth, Ranit’s husband became increasingly verbally abusive; constantly criticizing her as a mother and her body.

Ranit knew that this was not okay; yet she struggled. Her husband was never physically violent, so she felt that she had no excuse to leave him. Her family did not understand why Ranit was down all the time; from the outside, everything seemed perfect – a new baby, and a loving husband.

Ranit endured months of this abuse in her home. That was until one day, Ranit realized that she could not continue on living like this. While her husband was at work, she took her six month old son and fled to a WIZO shelter.

Ranit and her son spent ten months at the shelter undergoing treatment. During this time, Ranit and her little boy had a safe and loving environment where she knew they would live, free of abuse. Ranit underwent intensive individual and group therapy while receiving legal aid to assist with filing a restraining order against her husband.

Since leaving the shelter, Ranit has become a strong and independent woman. She works while her son goes to daycare. Ranit has a newfound confidence and sense of security.

The reality is that in Israel, there are at least 200,000 women dealing with abuse. Sadly, many of these women do not have a safe place to seek help and support. CHW, through supporting WIZO, provides a safe and secure place for women and children

*Please note: Name changed for confidentiality.