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Female Empowerment through the Nahalal-Anieres Program

Through the Nahalal-Anieres Program, barriers for young girls are being broken down. This unique program, which offers an education in engineering, has a 30% female student body, and is increasing annually.

Ira Lotman, manager of the Anieres Elite Academy shared, “Anieres gives girls from around the world the encouragement they need to pursue a career in engineering. They see for themselves that with hard work, the sky is the limit.”

This remarkable program provides children from both Israel and around the world with an accelerated education, a chance to learn at the prestigious Technion University in Haifa, and gives access to opportunities they would otherwise not receive.

Darya is one student from CHW Nahalal whose life was changed thanks to the Nahalal-Anieres Program. Darya came from a small town in Russia. She was raised by her grandmother as her parents were unable to take care of her. When Darya began school, it was immediately recognized that she was extremely gifted. Darya had a natural affinity to mathematics. However, she always wanted more; she felt that if she stayed in Russia, she would lack the opportunity to fulfill her educational and professional dreams.

When Darya was 14 years old, her family learned about the specialized Nahalal-Anieres Program and decided that this sounded like a wonderful opportunity for her.

Darya left home and moved to CHW Nahalal. She has been studying mathematics and learning Hebrew as well. Darya was doing so well that she decided to enroll in the National Mathematics Olympiad and won third place! Following her success, Darya participated in the International Mathematics Olympiad where she placed second! Darya’s story is one of success and opportunity.

Supporting children in need while advancing women in society has been a pillar of CHW since our inception, 100 years ago.


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