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Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW)

Tal’s Story

During her pregnancy, Tal’s husband, Yoni emerged from prison more violent than before. An 18 year old bride in an arranged marriage in Iran, Tal found herself alone with a violent husband when her family left the country to escape the revolution.

At 37, Tal escaped to Israel with her 4 children, aged 4-17. Yoni followed her and started drinking, becoming more violent and self-harming in front of the children. The police and social services became aware or the situation and sent Tal and her children to a WIZO Shelter.

The expertise of WIZO professionals helped Tal find her strength and care for her children. During her 8 month stay at the shelter, Tal started working at a WIZO daycare where she has been for 17 years. Tal found an apartment and the confidence to move on with her life. Her children have been to university and the army, and like their mother, are happy and contributing citizens.

For nearly 100 years, CHW supports World WIZO and Shelters for Battered Women; helping to ensure women are protected, advocate for their rights, and instill a sense of hope within women in need.

Tal’s story illustrates the critical impact Israel and WIZO Shelters have on people’s lives. Israel provided a place of refuge for Tal and her children, allowing her to escape persecution and danger in her native country. She and her children were absorbed and their needs were taken care of by the state, helping them to enter a shelter that enabled this family to have a second chance at life. 

(Story originally from World WIZO. Tal’s name has been changed for confidentiality)