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Domestic Violence in Real Life

Every day, thousands of women suffer from domestic violence. This year in Israel, 12,000 women were treated for abuse in battered women’s centers across Israel.

CHW, along with World WIZO, are leaders in advocating for women’s rights and issues. Both CHW and World WIZO stand for the advancement of women in all aspects of society; aiming our efforts towards helping women living with domestic violence, single mothers, girls-at-risk, and empowering women to become leaders.

That is why we were so connected to this impactful time-lapse video that shows the visual impact of domestic violence on its victim through taking a selfie a day.

While the video is a parody originally created for a Croatian audience, it has had a universal impact and been widely received for the harsh truth it illustrates.

The main message it aims to share is that we must take an active role in preventing domestic violence and the need for intervention.

For more than 100 years, CHW has proudly worked together with World WIZO in supporting women shelters that help victims of domestic violence escape the dangerous world they are in and regain their freedoms.

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