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Assaf Harofeh Medical Center’s Amazing Female Team!

CHW proudly supports women who are doing remarkable things for society!

Meet Dr. Inbar Hartman, one of these incredible women! Dr. Hartman is a Specialist in Pediatric Neurology and is the Chairperson of the Assaf Harofeh Child Protection Committee.

Recently, Dr. Hartman, along with her colleagues, Ortal Fadida, social worker, and Maya Cooper, organized a conference in partnership with the Haruv Institute to help deal with different areas of abuse and neglect among children who have special needs.

The motivation for this conference arose following the discovery of a frequency of cases of abuse and neglect in children with special needs. Dr. Hartman has dedicated herself to fight and eradicate this issue. She shares, “Abuse is a form of illness as far as children’s diseases are concerned and should not be ignored under any circumstances. The key to successful treatment of children with special needs is early identification. It is important to keep an eye open for suspicious signs of intentional sabotage, neglect or injury to the child, and follow the procedures, along with reporting to the appropriate authorities.” Dr. Hartman and the Committee are seeking to prevent such abuses and ensure to help children who are themselves helpless.

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center along with Dr. Hartman and the team at the hospital are devoted to doing their utmost to find and treat these children in order to bring about real, positive change.

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