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Meet Ben Chor-Aharon, CHW Hadassim Dormitory Student and Future Superstar

Ben Chor-Aharon, a dormitory student at CHW Hadassim has made it onto a new Israeli TV series which aims to find Israel’s next big talent!

The TV show, which roughly translates in English to “Aviv or Eyal: Who Will Find the Discovery of the Year?” was initiated by famed Israeli musicians, Aviv Geffen and Eyal Golan. Yonatan Doron, the music teacher at CHW Hadassim is a mentor on the show as well!

The newest promo for the show features Ben’s audition in which he performed the famous song “Uf Gozal” by Arik Einstein which brought tears to Aviv Gefem’s eyes.

On the show, Ben will share his personal story and journey, including both him and his brother moving to CHW Hadassim when they were little and growing up on the youth village. Ben shares the remarkable impact that CHW Hadassim has had on his and his family’s lives.

Fun fact: many of you may remember Ben from CHW’s Centennial Trip to Israel when he performed during the welcome evening with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra! 

A photo of Ben at the CHW Centennial Opening Night!

 We are so excited for Ben and wish him the best of luck! Stay tuned for the updates!

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