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Saving Women through the Men’s Helpline

CHW, together, with World WIZO, is dedicated to the prevention of violence against women. One major way that this is achieved is through the crisis helpline for men that is operated by World WIZO.

The helpline, the only one of its kind in Israel, assists men who are violent in equipping them with the tools and skills to deal with their feelings in a manner that is not aggressive.

Ron is one of these men who turned to this helpline for support when he was at his lowest.

Ron loved his wife; however, he had a severe temper that he could not control. He would have violent outbursts and hit his wife. After, he would feel such deep regret and remorse; promising this would not happen again.

Ron knew that he needed help but he did not know where, or who, to turn to. Ron was also so ashamed of himself. Ron discovered the WIZO Men’s Helpline.

Ron called to the helpline and shared what he was going through. With the support of trained volunteers, Ron was guided along a therapeutic process that aided him to find healthy outlets of expressing himself. In a judgement-free environment, Ron was given advice on ways that he could combat his violence.

Today, Ron is proud to be in control of his emotions and physical reactions. He no longer is abusive and continues to work, every day, on overcoming his issues.

The numbers speak for themselves: an estimated 200,000 women in Israel are victims of domestic violence. Through this crisis helpline, violent behaviour is prevented or stopped helping to reduce the number of victims and stopping the problem at the root!  

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