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All That a Child Needs

After years of writing songs about his harsh childhood and his hopes for the future, Yonatan Doron felt he needed to do more. He wanted to reach out to other children who may be suffering, just as he had.   

With the help of a crowdfunding campaign, Yonatan decided to write his first book: All That a Child Needs. The book is a unique collection of stories that track the bumpy journey from the insecure child he was to the empowering educator he is today. 

Yonatan was born to a ‘picture-perfect’ family. His father was a successful pilot, and they all lived in a comfortable home in north Tel Aviv. But things dramatically changed when his parents got divorced and his mother remarried. Just like that, Yonatan’s life collapsed as his mother moved them to the far off desert community of Arad. 

Yonatan was isolated, alone and on top of everything- abused. His situation grew dire as his step-father repeatedly mentally and physically abused him. After years of suffering as a child, Yonatan managed to escape. He tried different frameworks for ‘at-risk’ children, but finally felt at home the minute he entered CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village.

From that point on, Yonatan’s life turned around. Yonatan found answers at CHW Hadassim and discovered that all a child needs is one adult that believes in him. He gives credit to his youth counsellor, Shlomi, for helping him come out of his ‘shell’ through his love of music. Yonatan only spent four months with Shlomi, but in that short time, Yonatan began to believe in himself:

“He brought me the brightest light that a child could ask of an adult.”

Yonatan’s mission was to continue to spread the light.  “I choose life” is his message to the hundreds of children, youth, families and educators he now coaches and advises. His goal in doing so is to empower others through his role as an educator and family counsellor. 

Yonatan came full circle and is currently the Music Director of CHW Hadassim, in addition to directing a growing number of educational projects that empower the most disheartened children and youth.

‘All that a Child Needs’ will soon be translated into English! 

Yonatan will be accompanying rising star Michelle Shiminov in a one night only performance at the CHW iChange Gala on November 2, 2019. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

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