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Why Choose a CHW-WIZO Daycare Centre?

As daycare registration opens up across Israel for the upcoming year, it is remarkable to hear the feedback from parents who are choosing to send their children to a WIZO Day Care, 6 of which CHW proudly supports! Listen to these heartwarming reasons parents are sending their babies and toddlers here!

Parents Discuss Why the Chose WIZO Day Care for their Children

With the recent opening of a new year of child registration for WIZO day care centers across Israel, parents discuss why they chose to place their children in WIZO's care.

Posted by World WIZO on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Repairing Nadav at a WIZO Youth Village

It is hard to measure the immense impact that CHW’s youth villages have on the lives of children and their families. However, when you read about Nadav and his mother’s personal story, you will quickly understand just how imperative CHW’s support is in ensuring that every child and woman is cared for and given a safe space to call home.

Click here to read about how Nadav and his mother’s life was saved by a youth village.

Keeping CHW Netanya Technological High School Students Warm

The children who attend CHW Netanya Technological High School come from very low socio-economic backgrounds. Many of these children work additional jobs to help support their families; whether to pay the rent and bills, or buy groceries.

Now that winter has arrived, and this has been a very cold and rainy season, many of the children were coming to school complaining that they were cold at night. Many children shared that they were unable to sleep due to lack of heating and warmth in their homes.

When the faculty learnt about this, they sprang into action. They turned to a local store* in Netanya who generously donated over 30 blankets to the children and their families.  

The parents and children were so touched and honoured by this generous donation and the dedicated team at CHW Netanya, sharing that it has already positively impacted their lives!

*The donor would like to remain anonymous  

CHW Nahalal Graduate Completes Cyber Shield Course With the IDF

*Name changed for confidentiality purposes

CHW is feeling the pride as Sarah*, a recent graduate from CHW Nahalal Youth Village has successfully completed the Cyber Shield Course with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The IDF’s Cyber Shield Course, taught through the school of Computer Studies and Cyber Defense, is one of the most prestigious and highly recognized courses in the country as it enables these graduates to protect Israel against cyber-attacks.

Eighteen-year-old Sarah is now equipped to protect Israel and help defend her country.

Students from IDF’s Cyber Shield Course (Photo Credit: Yedion Afula Ve’amekim)

Sarah shared, “In high school at [CHW] Nahalal I majored in physics and chemistry. Before this course, I took part in a program of excellence for studies in computers and cyber in the periphery. I received lots of valuable tools there and I was exposed to some of the content I learned in the IDF’s cyber course. Through my studies I discovered that cyber defense is a very interesting field.”

Sarah is an excellent example of how CHW’s youth villages put young adults on the right path to success, empowering young women and instilling within them with the tools to succeed!

Hadassah Specialist Removes Pacifier Lodged in Baby’s Throat

This life-saving story will give you chills. While babysitting baby Hillel, the caregiver suddenly noticed that his pacifier was missing. Eighteen month old Hillel was not breathing properly and to the caregiver’s shock, she discovered that he has swallowed the pacifier and it was lodged deep in his throat!

Dr. Itai Gross, a Pediatrician at Hadassah Hospital, was unable to dislodge the pacifier and needed to put Hillel on a ventilator to help him breath. Hillel was anesthetized and taken straight into surgery. A team of specialists, including, Dr. Menachem Gross, Director of the Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Department together with Dr. Nir Hirshoren, Head and Neck Surgery Specialist worked carefully as they carried out this difficult operation.

The medical team saved baby Hillel’s life! Click here to read the full story.