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The Israel Equestrian Team has a new rider from CHW Nahalal Youth Village!

The Israel Equestrian Team has a new rider from CHW Nahalal Youth Village!

At 9 years old, Elias was suffering from communication issues. His parents, concerned about their son, encouraged him to enroll in the Therapeutic Riding Centre at CHW Nahalal Youth Village. And, this is where his story began! Elias took his first ride at CHW Nahalal and he simply fell in love with horses and riding!

Today, 21-year-old Elias is doing remarkable things, entering the world of international horseback riding!

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Hadassah Hospital performs state-of-the-art medical procedures while remaining patient-focused!

*Names changed for confidentiality

Recently, two-year-old Omri, was playing at the park. He ran over to his mom, Netta, who was sitting on a bench watching him. As Omri ran towards her, a metal bar from a nearby building site fell and hit Omri, amputating his thumb.

Netta rushed over to her son, who was bleeding and crying. She immediately took him to Hadassah Hospital. Upon arrival, the medical team sprang into action.

Dr. Carole Pidhorz, Orthopedist and Head of the Center for Hand and Microvascular Surgery, worked together with Dr. Yonathan Wagmen, Surgeon, to help Omri. The physicians performed a microsurgery under a microscope. Through this approach, they were able to successfully reattach Omri’s thumb. The doctors shared that a thumb is a very difficult extremity to reattach; however, it is very important. Both were impressed with Netta’s quick thinking to ensure to find the thumb and bring it to the hospital with Omri.

L-R: Omri, Dr. Yonathan Wagmen, and Dr. Carole Pidhorz

The Jewish News: Woman Shares How WIZO Domestic Violence Shelter Saved Her Life

How a World WIZO Shelter for Battered Women changes women’s lives – one woman’s personal story.

*Miriam was a strong, independent, and educated woman. At the age of 38 she was single and ready to become a mother when she met Ron*. Things moved quickly and they decided to begin their family together. Ron began being verbally abusive and following the birth of their daughter, things escalated with threats of violence. Miriam began living in constant fear, Ron controlled every part of her life. Miriam became pregnant with their second child and she felt imprisoned.

One evening, the police were called to their home and the gravity of the situation was discovered. Social Services intervened and took Miriam, with her two children, to a World WIZO shelter. The family spent nearly one full year in rehabilitation in the shelter. When Miriam and her children left the shelter, she was once again a strong and confident woman.

Today, Miriam is 51 years-old. She has started her own business has allowed her to be financially independent and take care of her children. She is happy, no longer living in fear, and fulfilling her dreams.

This story came to light following a WIZO UK visit to the World WIZO shelter that was accompanied by Louise Scodie, a journalist from UK Jewish News.

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*Names changed for confidentially


Hadassah Hospital joins fight against infectious diseases in Ethiopia

A team of doctors from Hadassah Hospital have traveled to Ethiopia with the sole purpose of helping in the fight against infectious diseases.

The team, comprised of Prof. Allon Moses, Chair of the Department of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Carmela Schwartz, Nursing Director of Ambulatory Center for Infectious Diseases, Dr. Shmuel Benenson, Head of Infection Prevention and Control Unit, and Tamara Zeiter, Senior Microbiologist, created one goal for this trip: to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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World WIZO’s Graduates Association

This past week, World WIZO’s Tel Aviv Headquarters hosted a special Graduate Association event. The focus of this event was on how to best implement the new program, “Adopt a Graduate.” This new enterprise will encourage graduates from World WIZO’s schools and youth villages to become mentors to grade 12 students as well as recent graduates from the same institutions.

Attendees to this event included representatives and alumni from World WIZO’s schools and youth villages, including CHW Hadassim and CHW Nahalal.

The aim on this program is to be a new avenue of support and guidance for these soon-to-be-alumni and recent alumni. It is aiming to build a new type of relationship with mutual benefits that will enable both parties to grow and pursue their dreams while remaining connected to their roots.

Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of World WIZO shared, “It’s been a longtime dream of mine to launch a WIZO Graduate Association… It’s so inspiring to see these graduates giving back to WIZO. I call on all WIZO graduates to join us in this important mission.”

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