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CHW receives the largest transformative endowment gift in CHW history of $6.5 Million from Marla & Aubrey Dan

December 3, 2018

CHW receives the largest transformative endowment gift in CHW history
of $6.5 Million from Marla & Aubrey Dan 

Toronto, Canada – Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) announced that it has received the largest transformative endowment gift in CHW history from Marla and Aubrey Dan of $6.5 million to be used in Israel to launch the DAN Department of Creative Human Design at Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem as well as the Marla Dan Interventional Radiology Institute at The Shamir Medical Centre (Assaf Harofeh) in Be’er Ya’akov.

Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation LogoMarla and Aubrey Dan are long-time supporters of CHW’s projects and programs. Marla Dan was the CHW National President between 2009-2014, and continues to provide indispensable leadership and mentorship. Aubrey Dan is a Canadian businessman as well as a Tony-Award® winning theatre producer (MEMPHIS). He is the principal of Dancap Family Investment Office. They are very generous philanthropists, who make high impact, transformational gifts in healthcare, community, and education in Canada and Israel through the Aubrey & Marla Dan Foundation (AMDF). Their daughter Alyse is a CHW member and the Executive Director of AMDF.

As donors and major supporters of CHW, Marla and Aubrey Dan invest financial resources as well as a great deal of their personal time. Marla has dedicated over 30 years to the organization, serving as National President for six years; an outstanding accomplishment of its own. Marla is a passionate supporter of CHW’s mission, vision, and values. Marla said, “Our endowment is the gift that will keep on giving: investment income generated from the endowment gift will be allocated to Hadassah Academic College, The Shamir Medical Centre (Assaf Harofeh), as well as to CHW, to ensure the strategic needs of the organization are met. The goal of our gift is to help ensure the longevity of our hundred-year-old organization; to help CHW flourish and remain relevant for the next 100 years.”

The donation to the DAN Department of Creative Human Design will provide scholarship support to deserving and qualified students; support guest lecturers, academic seminars and conferences with colleagues from Israel and abroad; support workshops to improve teaching methods and approaches for faculty; facilitate international student exchange; and enable the Department to pursue collaborative efforts with academic institutions and medical centres in Israel and overseas. 2 of 2

Alina Ianson, CHW National Executive Director, noted: “The DAN Department of Creative Human Design is the only undergraduate department in Industrial Design in the world focusing on the design of tools and products for the benefit of overlooked populations with special needs, including the physically challenged, the elderly, and the very young.”

The donation to the Marla Dan Interventional Radiology Institute will provide healthcare professionals with modern tools and equipment, so patients requiring urgent care are never turned away. The updates to the Institute will ensure patients have access to life-saving procedures and a chance for a full recovery.

According to Dr. Osnat Levtzion-Korach, Director General of The Shamir Medical Centre (Assaf Harofeh), “The donation to the Marla Dan Interventional Radiology Institute will help secure state of the art non-invasive radiological equipment, ensuring the hospital can continue to provide the best in personal care, diagnosis, and medical treatment.”

Founded in 1917, CHW is a non-political, non-partisan national network of dedicated volunteers and professionals who strongly believe that the advancement of childcare, education, healthcare, and women’s issues transcends politics, religion, and national boundaries.

CHW passionately supports programs and services for Children, Healthcare, and Women in Israel and Canada.

For further information, please contact:

Alina Ianson, CHW National Executive Director
CHW National Office
638A Sheppard Avenue West, Suite 209 Toronto, ON M3H 2S1
Tel: 1-855-477-5964

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

CHW is proud to be a a strong supporter together with World WIZO as they lead the fight against domestic violence, both in Israel and around the world.

This week, on Sunday, November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women was globally recognized.

To bring awareness to this day, World WIZO held a conference in Tel Aviv, Israel. The focus of the conference was on the aggressor; the treatment and therapy that can be offered to help make a positive change.

In World WIZO’s effort to “shine a light” on men and the role they play in the cycle of violence, World WIZO produced an excellent film. This film draws attention to the need to look at the men perpetrating the violence and help to put a stop to it now. The actor in the film is the well-known Israeli actor, Lior Ashkenazi.

Men caught up in the cycle of violence

This year, to mark the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, WIZO shines a spotlight on the vital issue of men caught up in the cycle of violence. The campaign was led by award-winning Israeli actor Lior Ashkenazi. Please share this important message.

Posted by World WIZO on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Along with this film, World WIZO announced staggering facts from 2017: 22 women were killed by domestic violence, 200,000 women were victims of domestic violence, and a total of 192 women have been murdered in the last decade due to domestic violence. 

As the UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on this day, “Not until the half of our population represented by women and girls can live free from fear, violence and everyday insecurity, can we truly say we live in a fair and equal world,” CHW, together with World WIZO, remain dedicated to making a change as we help women and children who are victims of domestic violence. 

To learn more about CHW’s programs, click here.

To read the original article from World WIZO, click here.

The Story of Ranit – WIZO’s Shelters – Changing Fear Into Strength

These stories of overcoming the darkest times in these women’s lives illustrate the grave importance of World WIZO’s Shelters. Daily, thousands of women are suffering from abuse and in 2018 alone, 12,000 women were treated in shelters.

CHW, along with World WIZO, advocate for women’s rights and issues. CHW proudly supports the shelters that help victims of domestic violence escape the abuse and get their lives back… as WIZO says it, “Changing Fear into Strength.”


Hadassah Academic College (HAC) Model UN Program

This year, Hadassah Academic College (HAC) proudly welcomed 18 Arab and Jewish students to their Model UN extracurricular program.

This year, the program is headed by two students, Tal Ben-David from the Department of Politics and Communication and Hanan Abas from the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, and has already proven to be a huge success!

During the weekly meetings, students work together to build upon their debating skills and prepare to compete against fellow universities in Israel. HAC’s Model UN instills students with the tools, through hands-on experience in the field, to improve their diplomacy, public speaking, and conflict resolution skills.

Above and beyond the valuable academic skills learned here, students from different backgrounds are brought together based on their mutual interest for debate and strategy. This is yet another avenue HAC utilizes to bring together their mixed population of students to create positive and strong relationships on campus.    

Stay tuned as the first inter-university debate is coming up December at Ben Gurion University. Good luck to the HAC Model UN students!