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Every Meal Counts

With 21% of children in Israel living under the poverty line, Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW), together with World WIZO’s presence is critical.

In CHW’s daycare centres, we strive to provide the highest level of care to children and their families. We understand the immense impact that our work can have. Ayala, and her family is one example of just how life-changing our work can be.

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Meet Ben Chor-Aharon, CHW Hadassim Dormitory Student and Future Superstar

Ben Chor-Aharon, a dormitory student at CHW Hadassim has made it onto a new Israeli TV series which aims to find Israel’s next big talent!

The TV show, which roughly translates in English to “Aviv or Eyal: Who Will Find the Discovery of the Year?” was initiated by famed Israeli musicians, Aviv Geffen and Eyal Golan. Yonatan Doron, the music teacher at CHW Hadassim is a mentor on the show as well!

The newest promo for the show features Ben’s audition in which he performed the famous song “Uf Gozal” by Arik Einstein which brought tears to Aviv Gefem’s eyes.

On the show, Ben will share his personal story and journey, including both him and his brother moving to CHW Hadassim when they were little and growing up on the youth village. Ben shares the remarkable impact that CHW Hadassim has had on his and his family’s lives.

Fun fact: many of you may remember Ben from CHW’s Centennial Trip to Israel when he performed during the welcome evening with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra! 

A photo of Ben at the CHW Centennial Opening Night!

 We are so excited for Ben and wish him the best of luck! Stay tuned for the updates!

“Iftar” Meal at Hadassah Academic College (HAC)

Hadassah Academic College (HAC) is proud to have a diverse population of staff and students that includes ultra-Orthodox students, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arab, Ethiopian Jews, and many new immigrants from around the world.

In light of Ramadan, the Arab-Muslim students from HAC’s Department of Communication Disorders hosted a traditional “Iftar-Ramadan” meal for Jewish students and lecturers to learn more about the holiday and its customs.

“Iftar” is the evening meal at which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

Department Chair Prof. Joel Walters, an observant Orthodox Jew, thanking the Muslim students for their initiative.

During the course of the evening, the Arab-Muslim students explained to the participating students the background and significance of the Ramadan holiday including its obligation to serve the less fortunate and its commitment to family.

The meal was held in the courtyard of the College’s campus and created a beautiful atmosphere of togetherness and unity – something that HAC prides itself on!

Ben’s Story

*Below is a story from the WIZO Impact

“It is my way of showing gratitude, and in doing so, I am rewarded even more,” said Ilana, whose son, Ben, was diagnosed as being ‘on the autism spectrum’ at a routine early age assessment at a WIZO Daycare Centre he attends.

Ilana explained, “I thought he was just naughty, he had tantrums. He refused to eat and I could barely cope with him. It was as if everything we were doing for him was wrong but everyone said it was just a phase he was going through, and I always thought it would get better after he grew past the ‘terrible twos’ age.”

But staff and caregivers at Ben’s Daycare Centre knew better. As a result of the diagnosis, WIZO’s special education therapists devised a program of specialized treatment for Ben, both in daycare and at home. Slowly, but surely there was a marked improvement in his behaviour.

“I would go into the Daycare Centre to take part in the sessions and it was wonderful to see Ben responding. It was like magic. That was when I knew that WIZO had saved my child and my own sanity! I just knew that I had to share that joy, and so I retrained to become a caregiver.

Today, I work at the very same WIZO Daycare Centre. Now, I am part of that magic. I love every one of those little children just as if they are my own. The tools I received have also helped me personally as a mother to Ben and his sisters. Just like Ben, every child is special. Thank you, WIZO!”

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CHW Nahalal Youth Village: Meet Karni

Karni is a 14-year-old student studying at CHW Nahalal Youth Village. One of Karni’s passions in life is horseback riding. In fact, since she was a little girl, Karni has been riding horses; for her, it is as natural as walking!

Recently, Karni took part in a national horseback riding competition in Israel. The winner of the competition not only received a place in the National Cup Finals, but also had the opportunity compete in an international competition.

Karni won the nationals and went on to represent Israel in the International Competition where she won first place!

CHW Nahalal is the perfect fit for Karni as it has horses on campus and every day, when Karni finishes school, she is the first to the stables riding horses.

Congratulations to Karni and CHW Nahalal!