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The National Recognition of CHW’s Female Graduates

CHW is proud to announce the awarding of the Annual National Award Honouring Exemplary Military Service to two female graduates from CHW Nahalal Youth Village.

In celebration of Israel’s Independence Day, Yom Ha’atzmaut, President Rivlin hosted a ceremony where he presented 120 soldiers with the coveted award to recognize them for outstanding service and exceptional contributions in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Of those honoured, there were two female graduates from CHW Nahalal: Corporal Yuval Shitrit and Corporal Dekel Eitan.

A little about the recipients:

Yuval 1Yuval is a remarkable 21 year old woman. Born with muscular dystrophy, she refused to allow this to deter her from living an ‘ordinary’ life. Yuval was so determined that she even was able to participate in the March of the Living trip to Poland with her classmates. Due to Yuval’s medical condition, she was exempt from the army. However, Yuval volunteered to join the Israel Air Force. Yuval shares her reaction when she learned about being selected to receive the award, “It was a surprise. I’m a perfectionist, but never in my life did I imagine that I’d receive a presidential merit certificate. I feel like the sky is the limit.”

Netanyahu and Yuval

Dekel is an incredible basketball player, and has played for the CHW Nahalal basketball team. In grade 11, Dekel was asked to join the Israeli National Women’s Youth Basketball Team, where she participated in international tournaments. After graduation, Dekel enlisted in the artillery brigade.

GroupDavid Horesh, Director of CHW Nahalal proudly shares his impressions of both Yuval and Dekel, “Yuval is a symbol of determination… her presence is inspiring for everyone who comes in contact with her. Yuval is known for her excellence, humility, maturity, and willpower. Dekel is a quiet and humble young woman who always knew what she wanted. She spared no effort to be both an outstanding student and basketball player.”


David continues, “I congratulate Yuval and Dekel, their families, and all of the staff who guided them. These young women should make all of Israel as proud as they made me and everyone at CHW Nahalal.” CHW joins David in congratulating these remarkable young women!

President Rivlin

It is the result of CHW’s generous donors and members who have helped support promising youth, such as Yuval and Dekel, in order to make their dreams a reality. We look forward to learning about the wonderful things that they will accomplish in their bright futures!

Read the original article here.

Photo 1: Yuval Shitrit
Photo 2: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mrs Sara Netanyahu meet with the 120 outstanding IDF soldiers (Photo by: Kobi Gideon, GPO) 
Photo 3: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, and top IDF generals, with 120 distinguished soldiers at an Independence Day ceremony at the President’s Residence, May 12, 2016 (Photo by: ToI staff) 
Photo 4: President Reuven Rivlin meets the IDF soldiers awarded for their service on Independence Day, May 12, 2016 (Photo by: President spokesman’s office)

Celebrating Purim Freely

Na'aleh 13Last week, people from all around the world celebrated the Jewish holiday of Purim.

On this day, we commemorate the Jews being saved from a man named Haman who was plotting their murder in the ancient Persian Empire. As it is a triumphant day, people dress up in celebration.


For many, the ability to celebrate one’s religion and identity freely is taken for granted. However, the reality is that for many people, this is not a possibility.

In fact, many children from the French Na’aleh Program at CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village had never publically celebrated Purim. The children shared that in their home country of France, many feared openly celebrating a Jewish holiday due to anti-Semitism and fear for their safety.

Na'aleh 12Na'aleh 11

As a result, the Purim celebration last week was many of the French Na’aleh children’s first time dressing up publicly for Purim, and freely rejoicing the holiday with their peers.

These children left their home country in the hopes of a more secure life and brighter future. It is because of CHW’s support that we see the smiles on these children’s faces; providing them with more than a safe home, but also a fun-loving environment.

Take a look at the gallery below to see more pictures from the Purim celebrations!


CHW Hadassim Exploring Space!

The students at CHW Hadassim have been reaching for the stars and winning awards!

Hadassim 1Hadassim 3
CHW Hadassim offers a Space Program for students interested in learning about science and outer space. The students study astronomy, the evolution of stars, satellites, the storage of information in space, and so much more!

Recently, the students participated in the annual Ilan Ramon Space Olympics Competition, hosted by the Weizmann Institute. Over 400 classes competed, and only 15 of them could move on to the finals. Not only did the students from CHW Hadassim make it to the finals, they won 2nd place! The CHW Hadassim students invented a special telescope that can be used in classrooms. The team included 38 students from Grades 8 and 9. Their teamwork allowed them to be one of the top schools in the competition!

This Space Olympic Competition is a demanding program that requires creativity, problem solving, and teamwork. Students must also apply all of the technical skills and scientific information that they learned in school.

Hadassim 4Hadasssim 2
Congratulations to CHW Hadassim’s students, and we look forward to seeing what they have in store next!


Doing Good and Giving Back to the Community

How do you teach children compassion and empathy? CHW Netanya Technological High School has taken the right approach! For the past six years, the students from CHW Netanya have undertaken a community service project. The project involves the students reaching out to a local Retirement Home to engage with the senior citizens that live there.
This week, the school opened its doors to the senior citizens. They were welcomed to take part in specially planned activities to create a day of fun, learning, and getting to know one another.

Patisserie 1Patisserie 2
The Patisserie Stream students prepared an outstanding activity that involved baking Hamantachens together with the senior citizens.


Hairdressing 1Hairdressing 2
The Hairdressing Stream students hosted the group for a day of pampering. The students offered a variety of beauty treatments, from a wash & blow-dry to a manicure & pedicure!

The Management Stream students created a workshop that helped to familiarize the group with computers and the internet.

Baking 1Baking 2
There were some senior citizens who were not well enough to come to CHW Netanya for the day, so students packed up goody-bags, and hand delivered them to the Retirement Home!

Student, Shahar
This is an excellent opportunity for the community and students to connect with one another and create strong relationships, all while teaching the children the importance of caring for others and giving back to the community.
The Principal, Benny, along with fellow teachers at the school have dedicated their lives to instilling within these children the importance of volunteering and helping others. This has become an annual tradition that the students, senior citizens, and faculty have come to cherish!

About our Recipients

Israel Youth Award: About Student Recipients

CHW Nahalal Youth Village

Yariach: Yariach arrived to CHW Nahalal Youth Village four years ago. He comes from a single parent home and has four other siblings from different fathers. All of Yariach’s siblings were educated in boarding schools and lived in dormitories; Yariach is the only child who went to CHW Nahalal.

Yariach has had a challenging upbringing. His father has no interest in the family, Yariach has never met him, and his father does not pay child support. When Yariach first arrived to CHW Nahalal, the transition was very challenging and emotional. He struggled with his studies as he arrived with large educational gaps. However, Yariach received a great deal of support and over time, Yariach received tools to help him grow into the person he is today. The tools he learnt enabled Yariach to take part in the Israel Youth Award; a process he began in grade nine.

Yariach decided to enroll in a special course through the Ministry of Education. This course teaches children how to be leaders and guide groups of children in various social and community endeavors. Yariach successfully completed the course and received a certificate from the Ministry of Education. Yariach worked with children from CHW Nahalal between the ages 9-11 helping to teach about teamwork, responsibility, anti-bullying, and so on.

At the end of this academic year, Yariach will be graduating from CHW Nahalal Youth Village. He is going to enter the army and serve his country.

Bat-El: Bat-El arrived to CHW Nahalal Youth Village from Haifa three years ago. Bat-El made Aliyah from Ethiopia in 2000. She has seven siblings. When Bat-El arrived to CHW Nahalal, she was extremely insecure and greatly lacked self-confidence. Gradually, Bat-El grew into a strong and poised young woman.

Bat-El decided to pursue poetry and music as a way to express her feelings. She felt that it was important to open up and share her experiences in her life as a way of growing and developing herself. This has helped Bat-El to succeed both academically and socially. Bat-El is studying theater and is taking special extra-curricular classes in voice development.

Bat-El has initiated many social initiatives at CHW Nahalal. She has reached out to her peers and created a friendly environment that focuses on inclusion and helping one another. Bat-El is an excellent example of the impact that one person can have on a large group.

Adam: Adam arrived to CHW Nahalal Youth Village four years ago. Adam is Druze and comes from a Druze village in Israel. Adam loves sports and plays for the Maccabi Haifa soccer team. In fact, Adam was made the team captain for his optimistic attitude and exemplary teamwork skills. As the team captain, Adam is a confident and positive leader. Despite being busy with sports, Adam maintains excellent grades in school, is very friendly and social, and ensures to always speak to everyone at school and in the dormitories; always reaching out to new arrivals to ensure they feel welcome and at home.

Adam is an excellent role model. However, when Adam first arrived to CHW Nahalal he was very shy and quiet. Over time Adam opened up and today he is outgoing and well loved. Adam is a young man of ambition and goals to succeed.

CHW Hadassim Children Youth Village

Michael: Michael is in grade eleven and arrived to CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village in grade five from Sderot. Michael is positive children and an excellent student; he volunteers in at CHW Hadassim working with children and assisting them in their homework. Michael is also a guide at CHW Hadassim; teaching fellow children about being mature, responsible, and independent.

Sheri: Sheri is in grade twelve and arrived to CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village in grade seven. Sheri loved music and is part of the choir at CHW Hadassim. Sheri performs at all of the ceremonies that CHW Hadassim hosts or is invited to, positively representing the youth village. Sheri is a mature and responsible young woman.