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“Iftar” Meal at Hadassah Academic College (HAC)

Hadassah Academic College (HAC) is proud to have a diverse population of staff and students that includes ultra-Orthodox students, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arab, Ethiopian Jews, and many new immigrants from around the world.

In light of Ramadan, the Arab-Muslim students from HAC’s Department of Communication Disorders hosted a traditional “Iftar-Ramadan” meal for Jewish students and lecturers to learn more about the holiday and its customs.

“Iftar” is the evening meal at which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

Department Chair Prof. Joel Walters, an observant Orthodox Jew, thanking the Muslim students for their initiative.

During the course of the evening, the Arab-Muslim students explained to the participating students the background and significance of the Ramadan holiday including its obligation to serve the less fortunate and its commitment to family.

The meal was held in the courtyard of the College’s campus and created a beautiful atmosphere of togetherness and unity – something that HAC prides itself on!

Saving Lives at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center PICU

Last week, 7 year old Aviner, began feeling very sick. He turned to his mom and dad complaining of severe pain throughout his body. His mom quickly discovered that Aviner had a high fever and swollen legs. Their family doctor examined Aviner and right away sent him to Assaf Harofeh Medical Center.

Upon arrival to Assaf Harofeh, Aviner’s condition quickly deteriorated. The medical team admitted Aviner into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). 

Dr. Ibrahim Abu Kashak, Head of the PICU, shared that it was evident that Aviner had some form of a severe infection. It was discovered that Aviner was suffering from a flesh eating bacteria that was attacking the tissues in the blood and causing him to have septic shock.

Aviner was rushed into surgery where the doctors fought to save his life. Aviner remained in the PICU, in a medically induced coma, breathing with the support of a respirator. After one week, Aviner opened his eyes and began to show signs of improvement.

The medical team shared that while Aviner has a long road of recovery ahead of him, he is a very lucky boy to have survived this.

Aviner’s father, Yanai, expressed his appreciation, “A great miracle happened to us… The medical staff at Assaf Harofeh made tremendous efforts to save our child and we are so very grateful to them. I would like to thank everyone who prayed and continues to pray for the speedy recovery of Aviner.”

CHW is proud to support the PICU at Assaf Harofeh!

Ben’s Story

*Below is a story from the WIZO Impact

“It is my way of showing gratitude, and in doing so, I am rewarded even more,” said Ilana, whose son, Ben, was diagnosed as being ‘on the autism spectrum’ at a routine early age assessment at a WIZO Daycare Centre he attends.

Ilana explained, “I thought he was just naughty, he had tantrums. He refused to eat and I could barely cope with him. It was as if everything we were doing for him was wrong but everyone said it was just a phase he was going through, and I always thought it would get better after he grew past the ‘terrible twos’ age.”

But staff and caregivers at Ben’s Daycare Centre knew better. As a result of the diagnosis, WIZO’s special education therapists devised a program of specialized treatment for Ben, both in daycare and at home. Slowly, but surely there was a marked improvement in his behaviour.

“I would go into the Daycare Centre to take part in the sessions and it was wonderful to see Ben responding. It was like magic. That was when I knew that WIZO had saved my child and my own sanity! I just knew that I had to share that joy, and so I retrained to become a caregiver.

Today, I work at the very same WIZO Daycare Centre. Now, I am part of that magic. I love every one of those little children just as if they are my own. The tools I received have also helped me personally as a mother to Ben and his sisters. Just like Ben, every child is special. Thank you, WIZO!”

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Assaf Harofeh Medical Center’s Amazing Female Team!

CHW proudly supports women who are doing remarkable things for society!

Meet Dr. Inbar Hartman, one of these incredible women! Dr. Hartman is a Specialist in Pediatric Neurology and is the Chairperson of the Assaf Harofeh Child Protection Committee.

Recently, Dr. Hartman, along with her colleagues, Ortal Fadida, social worker, and Maya Cooper, organized a conference in partnership with the Haruv Institute to help deal with different areas of abuse and neglect among children who have special needs.

The motivation for this conference arose following the discovery of a frequency of cases of abuse and neglect in children with special needs. Dr. Hartman has dedicated herself to fight and eradicate this issue. She shares, “Abuse is a form of illness as far as children’s diseases are concerned and should not be ignored under any circumstances. The key to successful treatment of children with special needs is early identification. It is important to keep an eye open for suspicious signs of intentional sabotage, neglect or injury to the child, and follow the procedures, along with reporting to the appropriate authorities.” Dr. Hartman and the Committee are seeking to prevent such abuses and ensure to help children who are themselves helpless.

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center along with Dr. Hartman and the team at the hospital are devoted to doing their utmost to find and treat these children in order to bring about real, positive change.

Hadassah Surgeons Saving Syrian Children

Pediatric surgeons from Hadassah Hospital have come together in a joint project with Baruch Padeh Poriya Hospital in Tiberias (northern Israel) to help save Syrian children who are suffering from heart abnormalities that are life-threatening.

This project falls under the umbrella project that is run by the Israel Defense Forces, IDF, called the “Good Neighbor” which aims to build clinics in Syria, and treat sick children in Israel.

The Pediatric Cardiologists and Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons have already seen over 30 Syrian children and adolescents who are suffering from these complex heart defects; and determined that most of the children they have examined will great benefit from undergoing heart surgery.  

Dr. Julius Golander, Pediatric Cardiologist and Head of Hadassah Ein Kerem Surgical Evaluation is working closely with a team of physicians from Padeh Poriya Hospital and the IDF to properly examine the children and ensure to best treat them.   

Dr. Golander shared, “We will make an initial diagnosis and build a treatment plan for anyone who needs cardiac intervention, whether catheterization or surgery at Hadassah Hospital. “The special cooperation between the Hadassah [Hospital] and Baruch Padeh Poriya Hospital is important and will save the lives of these children. Hadassah will make use of our Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department and the indispensable Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for this special humanitarian project. The children, some of whom have never been properly treated or examined, will come to Jerusalem for the complex surgery and catheterizations at Hadassah [Hospital] and will continue for follow-up at Pedah Poriya Hospital.”

Many of these children are coming to Tiberias with their mothers in a desperate situation. The reality is that without proper medical intervention, the children’s chances of survival is limited.