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WIZO- Ending the Cycle of Violence

Children see and learn from their parent’s behaviours and actions. When a child is exposed to living in an abusive home, even if the abuse is not directed at them but rather the woman, their mother, it leaves its mark on the entire family. 

WIZO, with the support of CHW and other WIZO Federations, is dedicated to helping women living with domestic violence and preventing violence in the home. Through operating two shelters for battered women, and their children, WIZO provides these women with the tools to be independent and live violence-free lives. 

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Wome…

Children are the next generation in the cycle of violenceIn November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is marked around the world. Every year, WIZO turns a spotlight on another issue that requires attention in the field of domestic violence.This year, WIZO is raising the issue of caring for children who are witnesses to violence.Hundreds of thousands of women, children and men are trapped in the cycle of violence.The percentage of children treated is consistently low.WIZO is working to change these children from being 'transparent', to being present and heard.

Posted by World WIZO on Thursday, November 16, 2017

As it is evident, ending the cycle of violence is of grave importance. This year, WIZO campaigned not only to raise awareness to the issue of domestic violence against women, but also to highlight the immensely negative impact this has on the children who are witness to the violence. As WIZO states, “Children are the next generation in the cycle of violence.”

CHW is standing together with WIZO to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of women and children daily throughout Israel.

CHW Nahalal Youth Village: Meet Karni

Karni is a 14-year-old student studying at CHW Nahalal Youth Village. One of Karni’s passions in life is horseback riding. In fact, since she was a little girl, Karni has been riding horses; for her, it is as natural as walking!

Recently, Karni took part in a national horseback riding competition in Israel. The winner of the competition not only received a place in the National Cup Finals, but also had the opportunity compete in an international competition.

Karni won the nationals and went on to represent Israel in the International Competition where she won first place!

CHW Nahalal is the perfect fit for Karni as it has horses on campus and every day, when Karni finishes school, she is the first to the stables riding horses.

Congratulations to Karni and CHW Nahalal!

A Hadassah Hospital Miracle

Story by: Barbara Sofer, Israel Director of Public Relations
Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America
Here’s a new Hadassah miracle story.

35 year-old Leah-Sara Binyimini was living with her husband and three children in Beit Shemesh, a city near Jerusalem, where they also own a retail clothing shop. In the summer of 2014, she went to work as usual, but got the worst headache of her life, so bad that she collapsed and was rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem, where a CT scan revealed that she had cerebral hemorrhage from two aneurysms.

Neurosurgeon and Department Head, Prof. Jose Cohen operated on her, and she made a remarkable recovery. But a few days after returning home, she lost consciousness. A third aneurysm was discovered. Even one aneurysm is life-threatening. Prof. Cohen fixed that one, too. Said Binyimini, “Prof. Cohen, who insists I call him Jose, made me feel confident. I felt as if God Above was guiding his hands.”

She confided in him that she’d always hoped to have another baby and supposed she would have to forgo it. “To my shock, Prof. Cohen told me to go ahead and get pregnant. I was in touch with him throughout the pregnancy.” And because Binyimini believes in miracles, and because her baby Shira has just turned one. “He saved my life twice and gave me the life of Shira,” said Binyamini. “We owe him and Hadassah so much. She’s brought so much light to our lives.”

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center Races in Memory of Soldier

Nearly 50 employees from Assaf Harofeh Medical Center participated in a special race that was held in memory of Solomon Gaviria.

Solomon was one of two soldiers who were murdered in a terror attack that occurred nearly two months ago on Har Adar. Solomon’s mother, Yashiyamabat, is an employee at Assaf Harofeh and the hospital community wanted to come together to show his mother and family their support.

The race took place in Beer Yaakov, the neighbourhood where Solomon lived. Solomon has been described by friends and family as an “Outstanding pupil with a big heart who loved the country and wanted to protect it.”  

One runner, Haim Izbitsky, shared, “We have come today to participate in the race out of deep solidarity of our family and our work friend, Yashiyamabat Gaviria. We pray that this special commemoration will bring some relief to the grieving family and we will continue to embrace and accompany his mother and the family.”


CHW Hadassim Children and Youth Village Nominated for the National Education Prize

At the beginning of this school year, CHW Hadassim was pleased to learn that the supervisor of the village, Ms. Aliza Schreier, intended on presenting CHW Hadassim as a candidate for the Education Prize for this year.

Ze’ev Twito, Director of CHW Hadassim and his team felt that this was not only an excellent endeavor, but especially meaningful as this year CHW Hadassim celebrates its 70th anniversary! Ze’ev shared. ”CHW Hadassim excels organizationally, pedagogically, and educationally.”

CHW Hadassim is amongst the 120 educational institutions that are part of the Education and Rural Education Administration, which includes 70 schools and 40 youth villages.  

CHW Hadassim proudly succeeded in passing the preliminary stage of the competition which was assessed by the Ministry of Education; and moved to the next stage where the village underwent tests to qualify on a national level.

The Prize Committee of the Rural Education Administration, headed by Chairman Boaz Columbus, recently visited CHW Hadassim and met with parents, students, teachers, staff, and management. Following the visit, the Prize Committee announced that CHW Hadasssim has passed and is now contending for the National Education Prize! Ze’ev shares, “We are happy, full of pride, and especially strengthened by the Ministry of Education’s appreciation of the spirit of CHW Hadassim.”

Congratulations to CHW Hadassim and we look forward to learning about the final decision!