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International Women’s Day

Today, the world is celebrating International Women’s Day. We have two special articles to share about how CHW is working to make the world a better place for women.

World WIZO
For 100 years, CHW has stood for women’s rights. CHW has advocated for women, striving to help women living with domestic violence, single mothers, and teenage girls at-risk.

Through our partnership with World WIZO, CHW supports hundreds of programs to empower women, legal aid centres, support groups for single mothers, battered women’s shelters, and centres for the prevention of violence against women.

Click here to read a special message from Professor Rivka Lazovsky on International Women’s Day.

Hadassah Hospital
Hadassah Hospital is promoting women’s rights, advancing opportunities, and promoting coexistence, all while saving patient’s lives. Three female Palestinian doctors have joined the team of staff at Hadassah Hospital. These physicians are receiving their training and employment via Hadassah Hospital enabling them to fulfill their dreams of becoming medical professionals, treat those in need, and bring their knowledge back to their hospitals in Judea and Samaria.

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History Made at Hadassah Hospital

Hadassah Hospital has performed Israel’s first-ever Spina Bifida fetal surgery.

On February 9th, a team of Israeli surgeons completed a successful operation on a 5-month old fetus in the efforts to lessen the infant’s spinal damage post-partum.

This particular technique is even more remarkable and historic, as only 3 doctors in the world can perform it. Dr. Yuval Gielchinsky of Hadassah Hospital is one of them!

For more information, watch the extraordinary video below:


Caring for Elka

For 100 years, CHW has cared for children, and while circumstances may change over the years, CHW’s dedication to their needs has remained unwavering. Through our support of six daycares throughout Israel, children are nurtured and protected in a loving and enriching home environment.

Elka is one little girl whose life was changed through our daycares. Sadly, while Elka’s mother was pregnant, her father was killed during active service in the IDF while fighting in Gaza. Elka’s mother was devastated and when she was born, her mother immediately rejected her.

For the first few months of Elka’s life, her mother refused to pick her up leaving her to cry herself to sleep. Finally, Elka was taken in by her aunt and uncle to be raised; though they already had six children of their own.

When Elka was five months old her aunt needed to return to work as she could only take a short time off when first taking in her niece. Elka’s aunt decided to enroll her into a WIZO operated daycare; a place she had sent all six of her children and was confident in.

Elka immediately took to her new environment; smiling and laughing as she learned to crawl and even took her first steps in the daycare! Elka has grown into a well-adjusted little girl who is happy and loves to draw!

CHW was there to provide excellent care and a sense of hope for Elka and her family in their time of need. In a CHW daycare, children receive an enriching education, specialized programs to promote the development of their physical and motor skills, and well-balanced nutritious meals daily.

Know Your Lemons

CHW is proud to be celebrating 100 years of caring for women in all aspects of their lives, including personal safety, child care needs, and healthcare.

CHW found a unique way to merge two pillars of our work, promoting women’s needs and advancing healthcare, through founding of the M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Care Institute at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. This Institute provides same-day test results for breast examinations; in turn providing patients with peace of mind, a sense of ease, and faster treatment should they receive positive diagnosis.

The CHW M. Fanny Comprehensive Breast Care Institute is the only one of its kind in Israel; everything is amalgamated into one location from diagnosis, consultation, and support. The benefits ensure women seek out their regular testing and are not deterred by fear; helping to save women’s lives.

CHW understood the immense importance of ensuring early detection and treatment, for this reason, we loved reading this new article that aims to raise breast cancer awareness. The campaign, “Know Your Lemons” simplifies breast cancer detection through using a carton of lemons as imagery. Using the carton and a lemon slice; the campaign illustrates various types of breast cancer warning signs. This visual aid is meant to assist women in understanding how to detect breast cancer symptoms and what changes you should be aware of. The successful campaign raises awareness while providing more clarity about the breast anatomy in order for women to receive the correct breast cancer diagnosis.

CHW, together with impactful campaigns such as this, is providing hope to women and their families.

Read more about the Know Your Lemons campaign here.

Grants of Excellence

CHW Nahalal Youth Village was among the four WIZO Schools to receive grants of excellence from the Israel Ministry of Education as a result of the high achievements of their students this year. This was the second year that CHW Nahalal Youth Village has received this grant!

CHW Nahalal Students

CHW Nahalal students

This incredible achievement defines CHW Nahalal as a leading school in Israel. Some examples of the outstanding students from CHW Nahalal include Jenya, a Na’aleh child who came from Moscow to Israel in the hopes of a better future. Jenya is a dedicated student who has been excelling since her arrival at CHW Nahalal. She is planning to go to the Technion following graduation!


Lin, a CHW Nahalal student

Lin is another excellent student, originally from the north. Lin’s dream is to join one of the most elite units in the IDF, the Information Technology Unit. Lin knew that coming to Nahalal to be a part of the Anieres-Nahalal Program was her only chance to fulfill her dream.

Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of the World WIZO Executive congratulated the students and teachers, and expressed, “At WIZO, our teachers and the educational staff create bridges every day for our students to create better and happier lives for themselves.”

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